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Black Tile Gallery


November 3 - 17, 2022 The latest exhibition in the Black Tile Gallery area, "Fashionista", has been created by Victoria School's Introductory Fashion students. The show highlights the work from their first module around Fashion Illustration and depicts students' original designs based on a self-selected theme which examines color palette, current and past fashion trends, fabric choice, silhouettes and a variety of inspiration images


May 25 - June 21, 2023. The exhibition Urban Soul invites viewers to contemplate the living creativity that pumps vibrancy and culture into the veins of a city, a park, or anywhere that humans share space. Six artists contribute their voices and make their mark in this exhibition through various mediums. Whether their art is on a skateboard, a T-shirt, a road sign, or a large mural-like panel, they are using a visual language to express their individual identities and contribute to a continually evolving cultural conversation.

Curated by Ashley Slemming, Alberta Society of Artists (TREX Region 3)