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Who are we? 


Treaty Land Acknowledgement

"We would like to acknowledge that we are on Treaty 6 territory, a traditional meeting grounds, gathering place, and travelling route to the Cree, Saulteaux (So-toe), Blackfoot, Métis, Dene (De-nay) and Nakota Sioux (Sue). We acknowledge all the many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit whose footsteps have marked these lands for centuries."



Victoria School of the Arts is an Edmonton School Division kindergarten through grade  12 Alternative Arts Program. Victoria School of the Arts students engage in the study of specific  art forms such as music, dance, visual arts, drama, and digital media and in turn use artistic  processes and creativity to deepen their understanding and success in all curricular areas.  


  • Are an inseparable part of the school's culture and therefore are a vital part of the learning  experience. 
  • Motivate the cognitive, social, civic, personal, and aesthetic growth and development of  students. 
  • Open avenues for innovation and invention, as well as fostering respect for individual,  cultural, and aesthetic diversity. 
  • Provide students with a variety of approaches to learning methods of building connections  between thinking, learning, knowing, and communicating. 


  • Enable all students to explore and communicate their understandings, feelings, and ideas in  a variety of art forms 
  • Develop higher level thinking skills (evaluating, expressing, problem solving, creating) Develop artistic skills to enhance academic skills 
  • Foster a culture of collaboration to deepen students’ understanding of themselves and  others 


  • Engages the senses, stimulates imagination and creativity and broadens students’  understanding of themselves, others, and the world that they live. 
  • Contributes significantly to the development of multiple intelligences.
  • Fosters cross-curricular understanding. 
  • Encourages risk taking and provides opportunities to explore personal challenges in a safe  environment. 
  • Promotes thinking critically, creatively, and divergently. 
  • Provides increased exposure to a wide range of artistic tools and processes. 
  • Builds awareness and appreciation of the arts.  


Victoria School of the Arts celebrates a solid literacy foundation, where the arts and academics are interconnected. Students think as critically in their arts classes as they think creatively in their academic classes. The International Baccalaureate Programme aligns the arts and academics within a framework of inquiry. Students are encouraged to develop the ability, confidence, and imagination to pursue their dreams and contribute to their community both locally and globally.

  • Students are given the opportunity to explore their creativity, self-expression, and depth of  understanding through art, music, dance, drama, and digital media.
  • Instruction incorporates the arts into language arts, math, science, social studies, and physical education.
  • Inclusion of guest speakers, artist-in-residences, and arts-related field trips helps to connect  our students to the local and global arts community.

K-9 Application Information

Students and families wanting to apply to Victoria School of the Arts for the 2021-2022 school year are invited to download and complete the appropriate application below.

Applications Accepted: Starting Friday, January 22, 2021

Application Deadline: Friday, February 19, 2021 at 4:00 pm

        Grades K-9: 2021-2022 Grades K-9 Application


Grade 10-12 Registration Information

Pre-Registration for high schools closes April 15th.

Grade 10-12: 2021-2022 Grades 10-12 Registration

Please also download and complete a Division Registration Form and include it with your application.