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Choral Music

Jazz Choir

 Grade 10-12 Students experience a"Virtual" Choir in their preformance of "Come Alive!" 

 Wiond and Brass Band





Students will develop the skills necessary to use music as their own means of artistic expression. Music curriculum in Alberta focuses on students gaining skills in Performing, Listening, Creating, Researching and Valuing music, while also developing positive Attitudes towards music as an art form. The streams at Victoria School of Choral, Instrumental and Guitar explore these areas of music with a focus on performance through collaborative work and ensemble development. The performance aspects of the music program are augmented by strong theory, ear training, music history and responding components.

Music Programs

  • Choral
  • Instrumental Music



Name: Kerri Neitsch

Email: Kerri.Neitsch@epsb.ca 

Phone: 780-426-3010