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Secondary(7-12) Athletics Intention form for tryouts   (Clik the link and fill out a form for any team you intend on trying out for)


Link to Junior High Athletics Website


Link to Metro High School Athletics Website 



High School Track and Field 

Congratulatioins to those participating athletes. The season runs until the first week of June.


Victoria School has a proud history and tradition of sports teams since opening it’s doors in 1911. 

The athletic program is an important and integral part of the school program and is open to participation in tryouts for any teams, by all students in all divisions.  Through voluntary participation, the athlete gives time, energy and loyalty to the program. The student athlete also accepts the training, rules, regulations and responsibilities that are unique to an athletic program and being a student athlete.

Our program and coaches are committed to guiding students not only in competitions, but also in helping them become better student athletes and citizens.  

We will strive to offer all teams where we have enough athletes and qualified coaches.

 Go Phoenix!!

Athletics Seasons of Play

Junior High

Volleyball- September to November

Basketball- December to March

Badminton- March to May

Track and Field- April to May

High School

Volleyball- September to November

Basketball- November to March

Badminton-March to April

Soccer- April to May

Rugy- March to May

Track and Field- April to May




Name: Erica Peterson

Email: erica.peterson@epsb.ca

Phone: 780-426-3010