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The International languages programs provide students the opportunities to develop communication skills in languages other than English, expanding options for future travel and multicultural careers. Students are encouraged to identify similarities between English and the language being studied, as well as similarities and differences between our Canadian culture and other cultures where the target language is spoken.

What languages do you offer?

We offer Spanish Language and Culture 3Y in high school and 6Y in junior high.  We also offer French as a Second Language 9Y, as well as French 20 IB and 30 IB.  In addition, we offer Cree 3Y in high school.  For English language learners, we offer the following courses at the high school level:  ESL Level 1/2/3, Reading 15/25, Learning Strategies 15/25, and ESL Introduction to Canadian Studies 15, based on the needs of our students.

What do 3Y and 9Y mean?

3Y is a 3 year language program (beginning in grade 10 with little or no previous language experience) and 9Y is a nine year language program.  

Is an international language course mandatory?

Grade 7-9 students must be enrolled in either a Spanish or French language program as mandated by the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program and by Edmonton Public Schools. It is highly recommended that students take French 10 or Spanish 10 if considering the IBCP. Students wanting to complete IBDP are required to take French 10 (9Y), French 20 IB and French 30 IB. A 30 level language course allows for more post secondary options.

What are the entry points for each language?

In Grade 7, you can choose French as a Second Language 7 (9Y) or Spanish and Culture 7 (6Y).  In Grade 10, you can choose French as a Second Language 10 (9Y) with a French as a Second Language 9 prerequisite, Spanish Language and Culture 10 (3Y), or Cree 10 (3Y).

My child is coming from a French Immersion program.  What  are their options?  (grade 7 entry, grade 8/9 entry, Grade 10 entry)

We do not offer French Immersion Programs.  If entering in Grade 7, your child may choose to continue with French but they will be in a regular French as a Second Language classroom.  Alternatively, they can choose Spanish Language and Culture 7.  If entering in Grade 10, your child can take French as Second Language 10 or 20 or Spanish Language and Culture 10.  Students can also choose French 20IB but must be in Grade 11 to take this course.

Students coming in with junior high Spanish can continue in Spanish in high school and should speak with the Spanish teacher to determine the correct placement in the Spanish course offered in the 3Y program. 

Can you switch languages if you change your mind?

We encourage students to remain in the language path they choose for Grades 7-9.  In Grade 10, students can continue with French 9Y or can choose to begin Spanish 3Y or Cree 3Y.

My child is fluent and in grade 10-12, how can they challenge the course?

Course challenge is a provision that allows high school students to challenge the expectations for a course by participating in a formal assessment process rather than taking the course. 

Students who believe that they already possess the expected knowledge, skills, and attitudes as defined by the Program of Studies for French 30 or Spanish 30 should contact their assistant principal at the beginning of the term.

What does your ESL program look like?

This program helps students who are English language learners (ELL) be successful in school and in their community. The ELL program began based on the needs of the student population within our school and continues to adapt as students’ needs change. While in ELL programming, students will focus on becoming effective communicators in the English language through speaking, reading, writing and listening. Based on student readiness, some of the courses that may be offered within the ESL program include: ESL Level 1/2/3, Reading 15/25, Learning Strategies 15/25, and ESL Introduction to Canadian Studies 15. Students in the ESL program will also take courses that match their language readiness. 

Are there opportunities to use second languages beyond the classroom?

We endeavour to offer authentic language experiences. In the past we have participated in:

  • Creating performances for other classes within the school
  • Field trips (Campus Saint-Jean, Cité Francophone et Café Bicyclette, movie viewings in our in-house theatre and outside theatres), virtual reality tours and Google Expeditions kits
  • Artist in Residence programs (Chanson & Danse folklorique)
  • Art Gallery of Alberta Lire l’art program
  • School coordinated language and culture experiences (Carnaval activities, including Cabane à sucre/Tire d’érable, Flying Canoe Festival Canoë Volant, Dégustation de chocolat, YMCA summer work student exchange program)
  • Grade 9 Quebec exchange program
  • Quebec/France 3 month exchange program
  • Access to Cree Elders and Knowledge Keepers
  • Land-Based teachings with Cree worldview


Name: Jorg Bauer

Email: jorg.bauer@epsb.ca

Phone: 780-426-3010