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Academy at King Edward

The Academy at King Edward High School program is one of two Division sites for students in grades 10-12 who meet criteria for Strategies programming. This program offers high school courses for students of average or above-average abilities who have been diagnosed with a learning disability. The Academy is dedicated to supporting these students through their high school career by offering courses and using a variety of strategies that are intended to support their learning needs

Parents, students and staff work collaboratively to develop student confidence, increase resiliency, and achieve academic and social growth for students. The Academy is committed to helping students understand their learning strengths and challenges and develop the strategies required to become life-long learners. The programming provides students with opportunities to gain control of their learning, develop skills and compensatory strategies, to improve academic success and to become responsible, involved members of their school and community.

Families wishing to potentially have their child attend the Academy are encouraged to work with their current Edmonton Public School administrator, to ensure that their child meets criteria. Then a placement request through the Division’s online Special Needs Assisted Placement will be made in late March. Once accepted into the program, all new families are invited to work with school administration, to initiate a transition plan, and initiate the process of course selection.

For information regarding criteria for attending the Academy at King Edward, please contact Assistant Principal Mike Fekete by phone 780 392-3553 or by email at: Mike.Fekete@epsb.ca