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Supply Lists for 2018-2019

Victoria School offers a service to purchase School Supply kits for grades Kindergarten to Six. If you are interested in purchasing a kit and having it delieverd to your door in August, click the link provided. 

List of supplies for each grade level can be found by clicking below:

2018-19 Registration Information

Registration for the 2018-2019 school year can be found by clicking here.

Victoria School of the Arts - Inspiring Creativity

Welcome to Victoria School of the Arts where students are passionately engaged!‌‌

The heart of Victoria School lies in the joy to learn, the passion to create and the wonder of discovery. Victoria School of the Arts offers a dynamic and diverse program designed to challenge you academically, while encouraging you to explore and develop your unique artistic skills and talents. Staff and students consistently bring their best as they work collaboratively to inspire an atmosphere of creativity, self-discipline, integrity and dedication, which invites all students to excel in their arts and academic pursuits.

The arts have the power to transform the learning experience. They provide the foundation for a rich and meaningful education nurturing authentic connections across the curriculum in partnership with a strong and rigorous academic program. We know that creativity, ingenuity, empathy and innovation are the keys to success in today’s complex, changing world and as such, Victoria students are fortunate to attend Canada’s only K-12 school offering arts programming in Dance, Music, Visual Art, New Media and Drama within the framework of all 4 of the International Baccalaureate Programmes.

At Victoria School students are invited to build upon their creative capacity to inquire with deep curiosity, to think unconventionally, to question the norm and imagine and reflect on new perspectives in order to become more passionate and compassionate members of the local and global community.

To walk through the doors of the school and into our vibrant hallways, is often enough for visitors to sense an energy that is unlike any other school. This atmosphere is nurtured by a respect for community, creativity and responsibility that extends from individual to ensemble. This must be what leads so many of our students and families to say that Victoria School of the Arts feels like ‘home’!

T. Dowler-Coltman

Victoria School of the Arts Presents

2017-2018 Season Poster