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Leaps & Bounds

“Leaps and Bounds 2021- A Celebration of Student Choreography.” is our Dance 35 show featuring choreography created by 18 of our grade 12 students, who worked with dancers in their individual casts ranging from grade 8-12.

During this time of COVID, the choreographers and their dancers faced many obstacles and worked to creatively solve problems while still creating and learning. The process looked different this year and the cast is excited to have the opportunity to share their work with a virtual audience. There is a wide range of concepts being presented, that is engaging and full of creativity and passion. The choreographers are very proud of their work and they hope you enjoy the show!

Act 1

Departure / Can I buy a vowel / Realm of the Fay / Sew it Goes / Haung Cha / Centi

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Act 2

Forty Below / What's the Buzz? / Horror Pop / Deep Sea / Come One, Come All! / It's-a-Me, Mario 

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Act 3

Have a Blast! / to be continued... / Is it me? Or is it you? / a means of knowing / I unto you / on being and not being

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The Choreographers