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Victoria School of the Arts is known for the enthusiastic risk-taking and artistic discipline of its students who have embraced the power of the arts to transform lives/ in an environment of celebration, our students continue to challenge themselves beyond their current limits. They are encouraged to question, express, and pursue their artistic discoveries.

Elementary Arts
Elementary students' classroom experiences are enriched through art, dance, drama and music. Workshops, guest artists, hands-on experiences, integrated projects and performance opportunities allow all students to learn through the arts and develop an appreciation for the arts. All students have the opportunity to create and perform work in a variety of settings both in school and in the community.

Secondary Arts
Junior High students continue to explore the arts by selecting options that include choral music, dance, drama, instrumental music, visual arts and media studies. As the arts are an integral part of our work, they are integrated into all subjects. Students will continue to have the opportunity to share work with an audience through class work and selected auditioned performances.

The ability to further specialize in each artistic discipline continues in high school as more courses are available. Increased opportunity for auditioned performances enhances the ongoing showcasing of class work. Senior high students are encouraged to further their artistic risk-taking through the creation of their own works of art. Student portfolios may include choreography, musical composition, theatrical direction, visual exploration and film projects. Students are also encouraged to audition for one of more of the many opportunities that are available to all students in our performance season.