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Who Are We?

Victoria School of the Arts is an Edmonton Public Schools Alternative Arts Program serving a community of students from K-12. For over a quarter of a century, the school has been a centre for excellence where students achieve high academic success while immersed in engaging learning experiences. 

  • At Victoria School students learn in the arts, about the arts and through the arts.
  • We believe the arts are an inseparable part of the school's culture and therefore are viewed as an inseparable part of the learning experience.
  • We believe the arts motivate the cognitive, social, civic, personal and aesthetic growth and development of students.
  • We believe the arts open avenues for innovation and invention, as well as fostering respect for individual, cultural and aesthetic diversity.
  • We believe the arts provide students with a variety of approaches to learning methods of building connections between thinking, learning and knowing.

Victoria School celebrates a solid literacy foundation, where the arts and academics are interconnected. Students think as critically in their arts classes as they think creatively in their academic ones. The International Baccalaureate Programme aligns the arts and academics within a framework of inquiry. Students are invited to demonstrate a commitment to all learning. They are encouraged to develop the ability, confidence and imagination to pursue their dreams and contribute to their community both locally and globally.

At Victoria School, staff and students share a passion for learning and the pursuit of excellence. A welcoming, positive, supportive, and dynamic environment, Victoria School of the Arts is a kaleidoscope of learning from kindergarten to grade 12.