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Choose how your child will learn in Quarter 2

Families can now choose how their child learns, in person or online, in Quarter 2.  Read more about how to make your choice by the October 19 deadline.


Arts Season 2019-2020


Taking Flight


Gallery Events

 Everyday Circus (Visual Art 10-12)                 Closes September 20

Explore the moments and characters of life which make it all the greatest show on earth!

 Gravity (Victoria Staff Exhibit)                         September 27-October 28

Gravity is the force by which a body draws objects towards its centre. The Victoria staff exhibit will find its inspiration from our experiences with our students, who are after all, at the very centre of all our work.  

 Souvenirs & Remembrance (Visual Art 7-12, Photography)                  November 4-30

Inspired by those objects and memories that hold the key to personal relationships with events, places and people.

Alberta Reflections (Visual Art K-6)                     December 6-19

A visual celebration of what it means to live in Alberta.  Elementary art will be inspired by nature, the land and the people who call this land home.

 Pixels (Media 10-12)                                             January 9-February 14

A showcase of graphic design, illustration and photography.

 Along the Lines (Art 30 IB)                                    March 5-April 18

A celebration of the humble line; its many roles as the everyday workhorse of language, sign and symbol, and its glories when deftly explored by artists, designers and architects.

 Beyond the Horizon (Design, Animation, Visual Art 10-12)                       April 24-May 15

A digital and analogue exploration of flight.

Tagged (Visual Art 10-12)                                         May 4-28

Explore the concept of street art and the images that permeate our everyday public spaces.  Working alongside local artist, AJA Louden, studentscreate inspiring, memorable interior and exterior artworks, boldly transforming everyday spaces into landmarks.

 Ouroboros (Visual Art K-12)                                     May 27-September

Ouroboros: An ancient circular image symbolizing wholeness or unity. Beginning with images from kindergarten students, this exhibit will burst forth from the gallery to journey around the building evolving in form and the full continuum of Visual Art through every grade, returning back to end at the beginning.


Performance Events

Spreading Wings Acting Showcase (Theatre 10-12)             November 7

Step inside the rehearsal hall to experience work emerging from just behind the wings of the Acting classes.

 Mary Poppins (Musical Theatre 7-12)                          November 28-30

Based on P.L. Travers’ beloved book series and the 1964 Disney movie, this production combines elements of both to bring the magic of Mary Poppins to the stage. Mary, Bert, the Banks children, and an ensemble of memorable characters take to the stage in a series of magical adventures and discover that "anything can happen if you let it”.

 Winter Fest (Instrumental/Choral/Guitar/Dance7-12/Photography 11-12) December 10-11

Students from our choral, instrumental and guitar programs will fill the school with music in a showcase of the season.  Joining the musicians will be media students who will design interactive work to augment the performance experience.

 Winterscapes (Arts K-6)                                                 December 18-19

A celebration through the arts of what it means to live in a winter land.  Storytelling through dance, music, drama and visual art inspired by nature, the land and the people who call this land home.

 Leaps & Bounds (Dance 8-12)                                         February 12-13

Students in the IB dance program present their group compositions on student dancers.

 Ornithology (Jazz Coffee House Instrumental 7-12)         February 23

Descriptor to come

 Peter & the Starcatcher (Theatre 9-12)                           March 13-14

The Tony award winning  story of how Peter Pan and his arch-nemesis Captain Hook came to be. Cowardly orphans, bumbling sailors, a nameless boy, and one remarkably ambitious girl explore the depths of greed and despair and the bonds of friendship, duty, and love.

 PlayWorks Festival (Theatre 8-12)                                    April 14-18

Victoria School’s annual showcase of student-directed one act plays led by Directing 35.

 Configuration (Composition 9-12)                                      April 23

Showcase of student composed new work presented in an informal setting.

 Freeform Festival (Grades 7-12)                                          May 8-9

A collaborative celebration of the Creative Process in Art, Science and Humanities.

 PYP Exhibition (Grade 6)                                                       May 28

We celebrate our grade 6 students and the culmination of their learning in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

 Victoria School Festival of the Arts (Arts K-12)                   June 3-5

We return to once again to our celebratory festival of performing and visual arts showcasing every student from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in performance and exhibit. Festival highlights will include Together & Apart, ScreenWorks, TheatreBlitz, Camp Songs, Evening of Jazz and the new Roughcut Festival.