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Arts Season



Victoria School of the Arts
2016-17 Season


The arts transform lives.  They invite people to build bridges to span the joys and challenges of being human.  They celebrate life, and encourage us to stop, look and listen to the world around us.  The arts merge our past with our dreams for the future.  They provide the connective tissue between the old and the new, play and work, inquiry and possibility, knowledge and wisdom.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the arts created by young people.  Although a child may stand in the midst of history, with a limited sense of the past or the future, their art speaks of deep connections and resonates across all ages.

Victoria School of the Arts is deeply committed to building resonance that lead to deeper, more meaningful learning. Entering our 33rd year, we continue to recognize the value of building creative relationships which will expand our potential by inviting us to honour our history, while embracing the future.  





Light & Shadow (Visual Arts – Elementary from 2016-17)

Closes September 25


The Shoulders We Stand On  (Visual Art - Archives)

October 2-23

Black Tile Gallery: The Student Arts Leadership Team  will curate an exhibit which celebrates the journey of Victoria School’s arts programming over the past 30 years.


Personal Projects (MYP 10)

October 16-27

Victoria School: An exhibit and celebration of the work of the MYP grade 10 students’ personal projects.


Mother Earth,  Father Sky (Visual Art – 7-12)

October 30-November 22

Black Tile Gallery: Environment provides us with all we need.  Secondary Visual Arts students explore the power of place and  the inspiration we draw from the natural world.


Next!  (Secondary Theatre)

November 1-2

Eva O. Howard Theatre: Students of Drama and Acting showcase work from the studio.


Shrek the Musical by Jeanine Tesori & David Lindsay Abaire

November 30-December 2

Eva O. Howard Theatre: A company of student performers in Grades 4-12 bring the magic of the animated classic to life on stage.


Brilliance (Visual Arts Elementary)

November 28-December 22

Black Tile Gallery: A showcase of visual art emerging from our Elementary program.


Influence (Instrumental Music 7-12)

December 5

Eva O. Howard Theatre: Students in Instrumental Music 7-12 will explore the ‘Roots’ of concert band repertoire.  


Enlighten (Guitar/Dance 7-12)

December 12

Eva O. Howard Theatre: Students from the Guitar and Dance programs collaborate to bring this event to the stage.


Four Strong Winds (Choral 7-12)

December 14

Eva O. Howard Theatre: In celebration of Canada’s 150th, Choral students from grades 7-12 will showcase moving and diverse Canadian choral music.


Journeys (Elementary)

December 20-21

Eva O. Howard Theatre: Our annual winter showcase of of elementary song and dance.


Continuum (Media 7- 9/Applied Graphic Arts 10-12)

January 11-February 2

Black Tile Gallery: Media 7, 8 ,9 and Applied Graphic Arts share work inspired by the time continuum.


Give and Take: A Soap-a-Thon (Improvisation 7-12)

January 12

An improvised soap-opera featuring members of Victoria School Improv Ensemble and guest artists.


Speak Out (7-9 Performance Ensemble)

January 25-26

Eva O. Howard Theatre: A performance ensemble of grade 7-9 students will present a devised creation  exploring the importance of the power of our individual and collective voices as agents of change.


Breath (Visual Art 10-12/Instrumental Music 8-12/Biology 20/30)

February 8-27

Black tile Gallery: Life is all around us. Complex. Beautiful. Inspiring. High School Visual Art students take us on a journey through the human body.


Leaps and Bounds (Dance)

February 15-16

Eva O. Howard Theatre: Students take to the stage to celebrate inspiring new choreographed work.


Roots (Instrumental Jazz)

February 23

Jazz Bands and Choirs explore the history and tradition of the jazz genre.


iEureka! (10-12 Visual Art)

March 12-April 21

Black Tile Gallery and Multipurpose: A celebration of the best of 10-12 Visual Arts students’ work, including a showcase of the IB Diploma portfolios.


Listen to the Wind by James Reaney

March 15-17

Eva O. Howard Theatre:  An ensemble of actors in Grades 10-12 weave together two tales that inform and inspire each other, written by Canadian Theatre great, James Reaney

PlayWorks Festival (Theatre)

April 17-21

Eva O. Howard Theatre: This annual festival features productions of student directed one act plays.


Beyond the Cube (Media and Animation10-12)

April 26-May24

Black Tile Gallery: Exploration of Space and Time through Media and Animation.


Transmission (Visual Art 7-9)

May 8-24

Art Gallery of Alberta: A showcase of student work inspired by a visual art version of telephone tag.


PYP Exhibition

May 24

Victoria School: We celebrate our grade 6 students and the culmination of their learning in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.


Victoria School Festival of the Arts: (K-12 Arts)

May 31-June 2

School Wide:  We return to once again to our celebratory festival of performing and visual arts showcasing every student from Kindergarten to Grade 12!


TheatreBlitz 2018 (Theatre/Creative Writing 10-12)

June 1

(Festival of the Arts Event)    

Victoria School: Teen playwrights will bring their mentored plays in development to the table, where they will be workshopped by a company of peer actors and led by professional directors in partnership with Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre.


ScreenWorks (Media 7-12)

June 1    

(Festival of the Arts Event)

Eva O. Howard Theatre: We celebrate the best work of our Media program created throughout the year.


Life. Light. (Visual Art)

May 30-September 21

Black Tile Gallery: An exhibition of imagery from the students of Photography 25 and 35.

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